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EN Graded, NSI Gold certificated, intruder alarm systems with a choice of remote signalling options. We recommend our Emizon 21 platform which utilises IP and GPRS signal paths and includes upload and download between our office and your premises. BT Red Care and CSL Dual Com products are also readily available.


Our British designed & built Texecom Premier Elite control systems incorporate the very latest cutting-edge technology including user friendly menus and full English text display and integral proximity tag readers.

Our Mobile Apps are available from Google    Apple and work in conjunction with Wi-Fi modules

Stylish cast metal keypads are available for flush or surface mounting in matt or polished chrome, gun metal, brass or diamond black or white.

What is EN50131?

It is a pan European set of Standards designed to cover the design and installation of all aspects of intruder and Hold Up Alarm Systems.

How does this affect intruder alarm systems?

All new systems are graded during a risk assessment process carried out at a site survey. Most systems fall into two of the four grades available. Grade Two (low to medium risk mostly residential systems) and Grade Three (mostly commercial systems).

Our Premier Elite control systems can be configured for Grade 2 or Grade 3 installations.

All our staff are fully vetted to BS7858.


Fire Alarms

The Fire Safety Order 2005 places a legal responsibility on the person who controls a commercial building to ensure that those using it are provided adequate protection from fire.  Most importantly the Order states that a Fire Risk Assessment must be carried out on all commercial buildings, schools, hospitals and care homes.   At Berkeley Guard we can provide the necessary professional advise and a full Fire Risk Assessment.

We supply, install and maintain both wired conventional and addressable and wire-free Fire Alarm Systems to BS5829: 2019. Part 1.

The installation of fire systems in occupied premises can be very disruptive and unsightly. Where a hard-wired system is impracticable we install wire free systems.

Building contractors often install fire alarm systems during a refurbishment to comply with building regulations. The problems start when the contractors have left and there is no on-going maintenance or help offered. We can provide that support and advice.

We offer corrective and preventative maintenance on all types of fire systems.

All our staff are fully vetted to BS7858.



Closed Circuit Television Systems are one of the growth areas of the security industry and form part of most serious commercial security strategies. They are increasingly used for the protection of staff as well as property.

Working closely with our partners we can provide a system unique to your situation using a variety of static, pan zoom and tilt or low light digital cameras. We install both digital and analogue recording and monitoring equipment with an appropriate data storage capacity.

Systems can consist of a one b/w internal camera observation system to fully remotely controlled and monitored system complete with infra-red night time vision. We install the very latest IP systems where visual and audio content can be viewed locally and over the web via Apple, Windows and Android Apps.

NSI Gold Accreditation for these systems gives you the assurance of a properly installed, maintained, certified system.

All our staff are fully vetted to BS7858

Safes & Security Cabinets


As an authorised stockist for our partner Securikey Ltd,  one of the UK’s largest suppliers of security hardware, we can supply and install any size or grade (Euro 0-5) of free-standing fire or security Safe (with key, mechanical or digital combination locks). You may need to contact your insurers to obtain the required rating before contacting us.


Professional Keyholding is a vital part of your integrated security package, particularly for commercial properties, where staff may not live within easy reach of the office. Businesses should also conduct a risk assessment as friends, family, colleagues or neighbours may be sent into unoccupied buildings where an intruder may be present. A keyholding company is the answer. We recommend The Keyholding Company

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems often now forms part of an integrated site security system. There is a real need to control access to premises during working as well as closed hours.

Our Texecom platform  provides a useful ‘bolt on’ access control centre for your Premier Elite intruder alarm system. Alternatively we install standalone Nortech or Paxton systems.  For audio or video entry systems we recommend Videx and Entryphone systems. Authorised access can be achieved by presenting a card or token to an electronic reader or by entering a code into a digital keypad.

NSI Accreditation for these systems gives you the assurance of a properly installed, maintained, certified system. A Site Survey is essential.

All our staff are fully vetted to BS7858.

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